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Hey there,

I needed to get this quick message to you.

This new offer just launched.

It’s exploding.

And the masses haven’t heard about it.

It turns a one-time $100 into $5,850 over and over.

And it’s complete.

The system is ready.
The adverts are ready.
The banners are ready.
The training is ready.
Everything is ready.

There is nothing to reinvent.

Any questions, let me know…

Grady Coleman


Tech TimesAmazon Tap Is Now Hands-Free: No Need To Push Any Buttons, Just Say Alexa Tech TimesAmazon has confirmed that Tap, its only smart speaker without an always-on feature, will receive an update that gains it such a functionality. This means Tap owners won t need to push a button anymore to activate Alexa. ( Amazon ). Advertisement.Amazon Tap firmware update enables Echo-style hands free voice commandsAndroid PoliceYour Amazon Tap no longer requires tapping, just Alexa CNETAmazon Tap goes hands-free thanks to updateZDNetThe Verge

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Grady Coleman

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