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Hey there,

I needed to get this quick message to you.

This new offer just launched.

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The system is ready.
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The training is ready.
Everything is ready.

There is nothing to reinvent.

Any questions, let me know…

Grady Coleman


Tech TimesAmazon Tap Is Now Hands-Free: No Need To Push Any Buttons, Just Say Alexa Tech TimesAmazon has confirmed that Tap, its only smart speaker without an always-on feature, will receive an update that gains it such a functionality. This means Tap owners won t need to push a button anymore to activate Alexa. ( Amazon ). Advertisement.Amazon Tap firmware update enables Echo-style hands free voice commandsAndroid PoliceYour Amazon Tap no longer requires tapping, just Alexa CNETAmazon Tap goes hands-free thanks to updateZDNetThe Verge

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Grady Coleman

Grocery Bagging Hawaiian Discovers…
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